Third World and Developing Countries

December 8, 2022

A key Covax partner will end support for middle-income nations

[ad_1] Many of the poorest countries will continue to receive free Covid vaccinations, but global demand for them has fallen sharply, leading to a shift away from the goal of widespread coverage. [ad_2] Source link
December 6, 2022

Global partners could end comprehensive Covid vaccination efforts in developing countries

[ad_1] The board of Gavi, the international vaccines agency, is meeting on Wednesday to discuss shutting down the program known as Covax as demand for the vaccines wanes rapidly. [ad_2] Source link
November 15, 2022

World population reaches 8 billion, says UN

[ad_1] Rapid population growth was driven by the world’s poorest countries. More global challenges lie ahead. [ad_2] Source link
World population reaches 8 billion, says UN
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