July 6, 2018
The Best All Natural Beauty Routines and Skincare Trends

The Best All Natural Beauty Routines and Skincare Trends

Why Natural is Best When Dealing With Your Skin Health Let’s be honest and let’s be fair, no-one has dropped dead from using a mascara or a popular lipstick, and it seems that most manufacturers are interested in making products that are not harmful. It so happens that over 1,110 ingredients used in personal products have been banned for any type of cosmetic use in the European Union, because there are concerns that they may play a role in causing […]
July 4, 2018
looking younger equals living longer study

Looking Younger Equals Living Longer According to New Study

Looking younger means that you will live longer. A study undertaken in Denmark has now proved that if you look younger than your perceived age, you will probably live longer. To look younger is a sign of good physical and mental health. People thought, on a number of occasions I was much younger than I actually am. I enjoy the feeling this gives you. This immediately changes your mindset causing you to feel and think younger and fitter. You feel […]
May 15, 2018
all natural organic baby skincare

What Skin Care is Best For Your Baby? All Natural Organic The Only Way to go?

All parents want to be sure their new infant has the most beautiful, healthy skin potential. In this pursuit, parents should be sure to keep chemicals far away from their precious newborns sensitive skin by selecting natural baby skincare products. A safer route to take is with natural baby skin care. Skin care items which are chemical and natural will make sure that an infant’s skin glows without running the risk of exposing their young skin to harsh chemicals. What […]
April 21, 2018
5 tips to get flawless skin for your wedding day

Five Tips for Obtaining Absolutely Flawless Skin on Your Wedding Day

5 Super Simple Tips So You Can Get That Flawless Skin in Time For Your Wedding Day There may be some people who always seem to have flawless skin regardless of what or how little they do for it; nevertheless, for those of us who don’t have the x-factor in their genes to have such pores and skin, we need to do the best we could. Whether you’re planning to get flawless skin for your wedding, or just want to […]
October 24, 2017
best anti aging skincare treatments

Anti Ageing Skin Care Treatments For Youthful Healthy Skin

What Are The Best and Most Effective Anti Ageing Treatments? With time and age, it is normal for changes to take place in your skin, but you need not let the signs of ageing show on your face. Although irreversible, you can learn how to slow down the process of ageing and keep your skin glowing and youthful all throughout your life. There are many effective anti-ageing treatments that can help you achieve your goals and combat the many signs […]
October 24, 2017
best way to heal stretch marks

Best methods For Healing The Skin Damage Caused From Stretch Marks

What exactly are stretch marks? Tears in the dermis can occur when the skin is stretched past a particular point and micro bleedings will likely show up in the dermis. Furthermore, the layer of skin becomes quite thin which enables these bleeds to be visible via your skin and appear as marks that are pink or reddish. Therefore when new cells are regenerated by the body, these new cells are poor collagen creation of this same type and discoloration can […]