Rural Areas

December 9, 2022

Rural Hospital’s Agony Choice: $3.2M A Year Or Inpatient Care?

[ad_1] A new federal program offers big payments to small hospitals threatened with closure. But it comes with a confusing requirement: to end all inpatient treatments. [ad_2] Source link
November 3, 2022

Voters have expanded Medicaid in 6 states. Is South Dakota next?

[ad_1] Ten years after the Supreme Court ruled states don’t need to expand Medicaid, policy is changing in states like South Dakota, where rural hospitals and nursing homes are struggling. [ad_2] Source link
October 11, 2022

When hospitals close pediatric wards, where’s Lachlan?

[ad_1] Adult beds are more lucrative than cribs. When institutions try to increase their profit margins, pediatrics is often among the first services to be cut. [ad_2] Source link
When hospitals close pediatric wards, where’s Lachlan?
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