Red Smoothie Detox Review

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Red Smoothie Detox Factor Red Smoothie Detox factor has an excellent overall rating of 4 out of 5. Red Smoothie Detox Factor was very easy to follow and only loses points on the preparation with respect to ease of use. Not a big deal if you set aside a bit of time for prep. My results were great and the Red Smoothie Detox worked well, within the second day, I felt great. Loved the taste and it’s easy prep made … Read More

The 3 Week Diet Review

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3 Week Diet Review I looked at all the testimonials, watched the video and looked deeply into the results. I have to admit I was very impressed… But just how effective could the 3 Week Diet really be? Read on to find out! It looked like the “3 week diet” offered solutions to many of the struggles I have had in the past: weight gain, metabolic adaptation and the famous “weight loss plateau”. When push came to shove there was … Read More