New England Journal of Medicine

January 6, 2023

FDA approves Leqembi, new treatment for early-stage Alzheimer’s

[ad_1] The drug Leqembi may slightly slow cognitive decline in the early stages of the disease, but it comes with some safety risks. However, data suggests it holds more promise than the small number of other treatments available. [ad_2] Source link
November 29, 2022

Alzheimer’s drug may benefit some patients, new data shows

[ad_1] The drug lecanemab, made by Eisai and Biogen, also carries a risk of brain swelling and bleeding and should be investigated further, a report of the findings said. [ad_2] Source link
November 10, 2022

Masks cut Covid spread in schools, study finds

[ad_1] In a so-called natural experiment, two Boston school districts maintained masking after mandates were lifted in others, providing a unique comparison. [ad_2] Source link
Masks cut Covid spread in schools, study finds
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