April 20, 2023

The fight over a drug that’s great for horses but terrible for humans

[ad_1] Penny, a 3-year-old chestnut mare with a white blaze, had been drooling over her food and struggling with her teeth, signs of a likely toothache. An examination confirmed that she had to have two wolf teeth extracted and the sharp edges of some molars ground down, procedures that required opening her jaws with a speculum. To protect Penny from pain and to protect himself from being kicked by a horse that weighed him ten times, Boyd Spratling, Penny’s veterinarian, […]
November 16, 2022

Deforestation is bringing the bat-borne virus home

[ad_1] Habitat loss and food shortages have pushed bats close to horses and humans, fueling the spread of Hendra virus, a new study finds. [ad_2] Source link
Deforestation is bringing the bat-borne virus home
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