Dieting Mistakes Explained

common dieting mistakes sabotaging weight loss

Avoid Sabotaging Your Diet  Have you ever thought along these lines? “This time it’s going to be different. This time when I start my diet, I’m going to stay on it and nothing is going to get in my way.” You have to admit, you did sound strong and forceful when you said it, but why is it that you always seem to slide back into your old bad habits? It’s not as though you didn’t mean what you were … Read More

Quitting Smoking Advice

quitting smoking bad habit

Quitting Smoking My Journey To Quitting Smoking, Once and for Ever… Week One Paradigm shift, can I do this…? Can I actually quit smoking? Have I ever really given it an honest effort? Let me tell you, unless you’ve tried to quit smoking before, you are in for a huge surprise. You will come to grips of what a HORRIBLE addiction cigarette smoking really is. Its almost as if these things are chemically engineered to be next to impossible to … Read More