Emergency Medical Treatment

December 27, 2022

Study results show that parents often take their children to psychiatric emergency rooms to subdue them

[ad_1] Many parents bring children to the emergency room to deal with aggressive behavior. But the visits offer little long-term benefit, doctors said. [ad_2] Source link
December 22, 2022

“Big trustee, please prioritize”: How NYU’s ER favors the rich

[ad_1] Dozens of doctors said the nonprofit hospital pressured them to give preferential treatment to donors, trustees and their families. [ad_2] Source link
December 15, 2022

ER doctors misdiagnose patients with unusual symptoms

[ad_1] Doctors fail to recognize serious conditions like stroke and sepsis in tens of thousands of patients each year, according to a new study. [ad_2] Source link
ER doctors misdiagnose patients with unusual symptoms
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