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The health benefits of endurance training

So the question becomes, can we use endurance training to combat the effects of old age? This question has motivated me to find research supporting, or, not supporting this claim. I not only want to fight aging but I also want the best quality of life; so that I age the best way I can. This I think is important because, why would I want to put myself at risk for type 2 diabetes or other similar diseases that would in effect ruin my quality of life. I see it all too often, people that are obviously overweight and basically look as if they have all-but given up. I strive to never be like that.

More importantly I want to strive to be in the best shape of my life. I constantly see middle aged people huffing and puffing, just to do basic activities like walking up a flight of stairs. Alongside a proper diet, endurance training offers a great means to achieving lasting weight loss. Endurance training is the only real, lasting method to better overall health and sustained weight loss.

Why endurance exercise matters

It has never been more important to ensure that we are getting enough exercise; than the here and now. It would probably seem to an impartial observer that for the first time in Western culture; the generations of today and those that are byproducts of the obesity epidemic; are for the first time going to be subject to a more limited life span.

You see, there’s many problems today that contribute to this diminishing quality of life that’s clearly disguised as something that’s meant to offer an easier life. What I’m talking about is technology and convenience. These aforementioned qualities of today are not something that will necessarily extend our lives, I would argue; and it’s because of the technology and convenience that we actually do less, while we’re convincing ourselves that we’ve done more.

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I know people that literally don’t ever leave their houses; they rely on technology and modern convenience to provide for them while they live sedentary lifestyles. One example of this is someone who identifies as a “gamer”, this person avoids life and thinks that all they need from life can be attained through gaming. You can imagine how unhealthy of a lifestyle this can be.

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So, as we can clearly see, technology and convenience can be something that can in effect; stand in our way with the progress we need to make; in order to achieve what we truly want in our lives. So, put down the technology and visualize yourself in a simpler time.

We can easily keep telling ourselves that we have no time for these intense exercises; but this is a lie. Habits are hard to break and we need to make the time to become our healthier selves. No one is going to do this for you, you need to make the decision to make time for a healthier lifestyle and if you don’t; the only person you’re cheating is you yourself.

endurance bike riding for losing weight

First, I want you to start small, take a 10 minute walk, jog or bike ride. For myself this is what it took and before I knew it, it honestly felt so good that I actually wanted to keep going. 10 minutes turned into two hours within a very short period of time; and I realized something… I actually wanted to challenge myself to go further, every single day. Now that you have tasted what it feels like to exercise, secondly, I want you to aim for 30 seconds of full out exertion. This will start the high intensity process. Thirty seconds of giving it all you got; and a sixty second light (cool down) to follow.

Soon you will literally be burning fat while you sleep; and this is no joke. This is how you lose weight, trust me because I actually practice what I preach and I can tell you from my very own first-hand experience that this is the lasting key to weight loss. Many healthcare professionals would agree that keeping yourself in good shape, like that, that can be achieved through high intensity interval training will actually help you have a longer life and an overall more satisfying quality of life.

Now, you really do not have to go to the extent that I have, it’s just that I find the more I actually get out and do it, the more will I have to push myself harder. Best advice I can give is to start within your means and slowly go further, faster and harder. Endurance training is the real key to successful, long term weight loss and you will feel so good after doing it; that you will easily be able to make it a habit.

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Benefits of endurance training: Cardiovascular health and losing weight
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