Best All Natural Treatments for Dry Hands in Women

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Hands are considered as the most hard-working parts body as it expose to almost anything. They can even perform multiple tasks at one time throughout the day. Due to these reasons, hands are supposed to be taken special care to keep they look healthy and soften. However, the sad facts is that they are usually neglected the most as people only take care mostly to their skin and their hair.

Therefore, it is undeniable that we usually notice dry and rough hands [1], especially when it comes to winter time. This can even turn into nightmare especially for women. Once your hands get rough or dry, it is high time that you need extra care for this skin area. Dry and rough hands are key elements that bring along wrinkles or cracked hands.

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Even though it is supposed that dry hands triggered by too much exposure of extreme water (too hot or too cold), sunlight damages or harsh soap detergent, there are also other skin conditions that cause dry skin. They are maybe eczema or psoriasis or vulnerable skin.

Fortunately, you can resolve the problem of dry and rough skin with simple tricks and home remedies without any irritation. Followings are some of the most effective home remedies you should go for.

1. Olive Oil – Home Remedy for Dry Hands
This is among most effective ways thanks to its richness in fatty acids and antioxidant properties. Once you apply the oil to your skin, it will quickly moisturize and soften dry skin.

• Wash your hands and pad them dry.

• Apply olive oil thoroughly on your hands.

• Wait for 10 minutes then wear cotton gloves and leave them over night.

• Wash off the next morning.

Olive Oil is incredible home remedies for your skin, it can also Get Rid of Skin Tags Naturally

2. Oatmeal – Home Remedy for Dry Hands

How to use:

• Mix one tablespoon oatmeal with honey and boiling water.

• Leave it for a while then apply over your hands.

• Wait for at least 15 minutes then wash off with water.

3. Coconut Oil – Home Remedy for Dry Hands
This available oil you can find works wonders on dry skin thanks to its natural richness in fatty acids. Coconut oil is valuable treatment for dry skin triggered by sunlight exposure.

You are recommended to apply coconut oil on your hand skin similar to olive oil.

4. Honey – Home Remedy for Dry Hands

How to use:

• Have few teaspoons honey mixed with glycerin.

• Apply all over your hands along with gently massaging.

• Wait for a while then wash off with water.

5. Aloe Vera – Home Remedy for Dry Hands
Aloe vera is strong moisturizing agent, therefore it would make wonderful home remedy for dry hands. This is also beneficial ingredient to whiten your skin tone naturally without any irritation.

How to use:

• Get the gel extracted from aloe vera leaves.

• Apply all over your hands and leave it for a while.

• Wash off with water after massage thoroughly.

6. Lemon Juice – Home Remedy for Dry Hands
There is no need fancying some special ingredient to treat dry hands while you have lemon juice around your house. Its acidic properties can effectively remove deal skin cells buildups that cause dry hands.

Similar to other method, you should apply lemon juice on your hand and allow it to penetrate into your skin cells.

Besides, thanks to its natural bleaching benefits, lemon juice is wonderful in treating Dark Lips

7. Banana – Home Remedy for Dry Skin

How to use:

• Mash up few slices of ripe banana.

• Directly apply on your hands and leave it for at least 30 minutes.

• Wash off with warm water after that.

Banana is nutritious fruit, which can be good treat for your skin. You can indulge yourself Natural Face Mask from Banana.

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