The Best (and easiest) Clean Eating Shrimp Fajitas Recipe

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October 30, 2017
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15 Minute Shrimp Fajita Recipe

Clean Eating Shrimp Fajitas possess all of the taste of your favorite dish but can simply be made in your house in under 15 minutes with all organic ingredients plus an awesome fajita seasoning. Whenever I go out for Mexican food and hope for eating healthy, I almost always order the fajitas as they’re normally among the most wholesome meals there is. In addition, I love that they’re inherently built by your own hands so that I could make my very own yummy tacos and do not need to think about being decked out with a pile of lotion. It is simply not my thing. Normally I make steak or chicken fajitas, however I had been motivated by some yummy looking shrimp now and now these are likely my favorite of those three.

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Another thing that I absolutely adore about this particular recipe is how fast and simple it’s. A few chopped peppers, an onion, plus a fast homemade fajita seasoning and that is all of the prep you need to do. Then simply toss everything onto a sheet pan, then throw it into the oven, and then supper is completed. Now in regards to side dishes, then there are all types of alternatives for this particular dish. It is possible to go the traditional path and serve it together with a few heated bread tortillas along with a smorgasbord of toppings. Additionally, it is great as a bowl above several brown rice, quinoa, or Mexican rice. And I’d be carrying out when I did not allow you to know that this makes the very best quesadilla after a couple of days.

Add more veggies: If you like to pack into the veggies, then there are a lot of items you are able to add to the dish. My favorites have been thinly chopped zucchini and mushrooms, and in my view ought to be included more frequently with fajitas. Just be certain that you select quick cooking vegetables and slice them thin enough that they cook as fast as the shrimp does.

Ensure to thinly slice the onions and peppers at the recipe so that they cook fast and are not still raw once the shrimp has been completed. In the event you want thicker cut veggies, then begin them until the shrimp so that they have a small amount of additional cooking time.

Pick larger shrimp if possible to this dish so that they cook in precisely the exact same period of time since the onions and peppers. In the event you choose to go with fish that is smaller, you will need to throw the vegetables in five minutes in advance so that everything is correctly cooked and you do not wind up with overcooked shrimp as you await your veggies to cook. Correct the spice amount inside this recipe based on what you would like. Some folks like to bring a bit of brown sugar for their seasoning too but personally I do not think that it is required.

  • Baking sheet: ” There are so many choices out there but I’ve been using this brand formany years and discover that they hold up very well.
  • Heavy duty aluminum foil: There’s nothing I despise more than once I pay a baking sheet into foil for easy cleanup just to learn the transparency has ripped or discharged during cooking.
  • A mandolin may be useful once you’re attempting to make very thin pieces.

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