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July 4, 2018
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How much skincare is really necessary?

Daily skincare is a must, but it doesn’t have to be very elaborate because of that. The skin even benefits from it if you don’t overdo it. For example, if you shower several times a day or take a bath often, you should reconsider these habits and limit yourself to what is necessary. One thorough wash per day is usually reasonably sufficient. There are, of course, different requirements for skin cleansing, but the basic rule is that a lot of contact with water dries out the skin.

What regular skincare is appropriate is determined primarily by the skin type. In addition, the use of makeup can also influence how much care you need.


The care you skin needs depends on your skin type

Oily skin: The skin produces a lot of sebum and thus develops a stronger “greasy film”. Therefore, impurities can settle faster in oily skin, leading to pimples and blackheads. Washing is even more critical for oily and blemished skin, but regular soap is unsuitable for skin cleansing. Better are antibacterial care products that are specifically designed for this skin type.

Dry skin: If the skin cannot store enough moisture, you will not only see it. You usually also feel a tightening of the skin. Therefore, skincare should primarily provide moisture. However, you should avoid products with alcohol, which can be found in deodorant, for example.

Sensitive skin: This skin type reacts sensitively to many care products. Influences such as cold weather are also more noticeable as similar as the symptoms are, as different are the possible causes. Sensitive skin can be dry or oily and therefore requires individual skincare.

Combination skin: Combination skin is characterized by having two skin types next to each other. The T-zone between the forehead, nose, and chin tend to be oily, while there is a dry skin type next to it. The only solution for healthy and beautiful skin: treat each area of the face with precisely the skincare it needs, even if it is an extra effort.


What’s the right skincare depends on the season?

The right sun protection

The sun’s UV rays are a severe threat to skin health. So when it gets sunny in the summer, you shouldn’t leave the house without sunscreen. Of course, very fair skin types should partly spend only ten minutes in the blazing sun. But even for comparatively dark skin types, sunscreen is advisable during the day – at least for an extended stay outdoors.

Beautiful skin despite the cold

We can often feel the effects of the cold quite clearly in winter. The skin becomes cracked and can become more noticeable with an itchy feeling. Skincare is essential in areas directly exposed to the cold. Greasy care should protect the lips. It would be best if you protect your hands with gloves. Skincare with moisturizing creams does good and prevents the unpleasant tightness caused by the cold.

It is even more true that the skin is sensitive to frequent washing in winter. Any irritation becomes all the more unpleasantly noticeable in the cold. Only in one respect is skincare in summer and winter very similar: you need sun protection on the beach and the ski slopes. Because of the white snow, the sun shines very strongly on you from all directions.


What is really in those skincare products?

When choosing shower gels, shampoos, and soaps, it’s best to select products specifically for your skin type. Also, pay attention to how you react to skincare products, as the composition varies widely among manufacturers.

The following applies to body lotions and similar products: Preservatives should be dosed as low as possible. Some of these substances are even suspected of causing cancer. Many additives are also a cause for concern because they irritate the skin and can lead to allergies. So a short list of ingredients can be a sign of quality. But finding that is not so easy because manufacturers have to meet many requirements at once in skincare. If you can do without your body lotion smelling good or being remarkably quickly absorbed, the choice becomes more manageable.


What’s in those skincare creams?

Moisturizing creams mostly contain very similar active ingredients. The term antioxidants is used to describe various vitamins intended to prevent damage caused by free radicals (oxidants). Free radicals are substances that become harmful, for example, in connection with sun exposure. Retinol, better known as vitamin A, has a similar effect.

Enzymes are used in creams and masks to remove dead skin particles. Hyaluron, which occurs naturally in the body, is considered a particularly effective agent against skin aging. This active ingredient can retain moisture and is particularly useful for dry skin.


What are the benefits of anti-aging products for skin aging?

One thing must be said quite clearly: the bottom line is that aging cannot be stopped – not even on the skin. However, a healthy lifestyle and good skincare do their part to make the usual signs of aging less noticeable. So you shouldn’t think that wrinkles can be prevented just because you’ve been using a lot of anti-wrinkle cream since your youth. It is instead the general appearance of the skin that improves with skincare. Unfortunately, the improved appearance of the skin is often sold in advertising as “anti-aging,” but on closer inspection, this is entirely nonsense.


How you should cleanse your skin

  • Regular cleaning in the morning and evening removes creams and makeup, skin oil, and sweat. As a result, the pores are not clogged, and bacteria can not multiply in the first place.
  • Do not choose water that is too hot. Likewise, do not shower too much or for too long. The same applies to baths – use moisturizing baths if possible, e.g., cream-oil baths.
  • Skin cleansing products with disinfecting cleansing additives, e.g., lotions for intimate hygiene, should be avoided altogether, as they can alter and destroy the natural bacterial flora.
  • Since soap belongs to the alkaline cleansing agents and thus attacks the acid mantle, soap should only be used on robust, somewhat oily skin. For all other skin types, normal soap should be avoided.
  • Use facial toner because it helps accelerate the rebuilding phase of the acid mantle and removes the lime deposits of tap water and cleansing residues, which can clog the pores and thus cause impurities. However, for sensitive or dry skin, facial toner without alcohol should be used to avoid skin irritation.
  • Continuously adapt the skincare to the skin type. For this purpose, you can determine your skin type at a cosmetic institute, pharmacist, or family doctor.


The best skincare tips for sensitive skin

  • Do not use soaps.
  • Avoid too frequent use of peelings and brush massages.
  • It would be best if you refrained from excessive bathing and showering. They unnecessarily attack your acid mantle.
  • Do not use cosmetics that contain strong alcohol.
  • Use a gentle day cream with a sun protection factor every day.
  • Never expose your face to the sun without sunscreen.
  • Pamper yourself with soothing and skin-relaxing masks.
  • The best skincare tips for dry skin
  • Always supply your skin with sufficient moisture.
  • Face masks are an excellent way to keep dry skin supple.
  • In general, avoid too much sun. For example, when skiing or going to the beach, protect your face with sunscreens with a very high SPF.


The best skincare tips for oily skin

  • Remember, fat is not the same as moisture – therefore, oily skin must also be supplied with sufficient moisture. Therefore, use special creams for oily skin. These provide the skin with pure moisture and contain antibacterial ingredients that slow down excessive sebum production and prevent infections. Products with alpha and beta hydroxy acids have proved remarkably effective.
  • Excessive washing of oily skin is nonsense and even harmful. It is sufficient to wash the skin in the morning and evening with mild soaps or lotions with a pH value below 6.
  • After cleansing, be sure to use a toner or facial toner. They support the cleansing process by removing any residues from the skin’s cleansing products and re-balancing its pH. If you have oily skin, you can use a facial toner containing a small amount of alcohol without hesitation.
  • A good concealer with zinc not only conceals redness or blemishes but also inhibits inflammation.

Cosmetic counters make all kinds of promises they cannot deliver. Don’t be fooled by this advertising as not even the fanciest, most expensive, or even all-natural skincare products will be able to prevent aging. Most eye creams are the same formulation as your moisturizer. The trusted and tried simple routine of cleanser, toner, and moisturizer for your skin type is all you need. A good sunscreen will help to protect your skin from the elements. There are databases, such as Skin Deep Cosmetics, which rate skin products according to the toxicity of their ingredients. It is always advisable to check these out, especially if you are purchasing products that are labeled as all-natural skincare.

here is why anti wrinkle creams do not work

Fragrances often contain ingredients that can cause allergic reactions and other health problems. Beware of all-natural skincare products that contain artificial fragrances and know the hazards of using them if you intend to stick to all-natural skincare. Say no to products that contain fragrances of any kind. Choose fragrance-free products. Organic products are trendy, or you could learn to make your skincare products.

Keeping track of all the skin and beauty tips out there can be a difficult task, primarily when so many of them work. But, the four mentioned below are especially important to remember because forgetting these tips can lead women to make some common beauty mistakes potentially.

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Avoid shimmery eye shadow. It is a popular choice among women this year, but as women age, unfortunately, they gain those pesky little things called wrinkles. Wrinkles are not a woman’s friend, especially when wearing shimmery eye shadow because the shimmer draws particular attention to the wrinkles. According to Abdo, using a base color that goes over the entire lid reduces the look of redness. It is also recommended that a colored eye shadow be used in the crease of the lids. This gives the illusion of depth and makes the eyes appear more awake. Use natural skincare products whenever possible.

Avoid shimmery eye shadow when you have wrinkles

Don’t forget the topcoat. If a topcoat is not used after painting your nails, you may find yourself painting and repainting your nails as the color chips off. Instead of repainting the color daily, try applying a daily layer of topcoat to the color. It keeps the nail color from chipping and avoids the look of obvious layering after repainting chipped areas.


Only wash your face once daily

Do not over-wash the face. It is only necessary to wash your face once a day, preferably at night, while washing makeup off. Washing your face more often than this can take much-needed moisture away from the skin. Again, when you do wash, use only natural skincare products to do so.

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It is essential to know your skin type for the best skincare routine. Most products are designed and geared towards specific skin types. Throw away any products that are not for your skin type. Most local drugstores have beauty technicians available to give you skin beauty tips and analyze your skin type. Once you know your skin type, you can buy the correct products to benefit your skin. Have a basic skincare routine that you follow daily. Please keep it simple and stick to it.

Why should you use organic or natural skincare products? You would never think of putting a harmful chemical into your body, so why should you intentionally apply chemicals all over your body? When purchasing lotions or makeup, always be sure to read the labels for phthalate and paraben. These are two ingredients to avoid. You can also find more information about your favorite beauty products by looking at the Environmental Working Group database.


What you should avoid doing and why

Taking care of the skin is of the utmost importance for those that want to look younger. And some bad habits need to be broken to take better care of your skin. Have no fear, though. Some of the bad habits are listed below. Also, look at this list of what not to do for some healthy skin beauty tips.

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Forgetting to use broad-spectrum sunscreen is a bad idea. Besides the often harped upon dangers of cancer that arise from not using sunscreen, your skin is also vulnerable to becoming wrinkled, becoming saggy, gaining dark spots, and generally looking older than your age if sunscreen is not used daily.

why you should use a broad spectrum sunscreen

Smoking is among the worst bad habits as far as your skin is concerned. Yes, we all know that it ruins your lungs and causes cancer, but it also causes skin damage. People who smoke are usually not among those who look younger than their actual age because smoking makes a person look ten years older instead. The longer you smoke, the more deep wrinkles and aged skin you will develop.

Not taking care of your chest and neck area when you care for your face is also a potentially costly mistake. We usually think of applying things like sunscreen or exfoliating creams to the exposed areas of our faces. However, the neck and chest area is often exposed and needs just as much attention to avoid premature aging of the skin.

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As far as clear skin goes, forgetting to clean your makeup brushes regularly is a terrible habit. Several experts will tell you this when they offer skin beauty tips. Yes, cleaning the brushes helps keep the colors accurate, but it also helps keep the skin clear. Unclean brushes can cause clogged pores and contain bacteria that cause breakouts or even more severe infections.

why you should clean makeup brushes

Keeping clear skin is also accomplished by washing your face every night before going to bed. Otherwise, the dirt, oil, and makeup acquired throughout the day tend to be absorbed into the skin as you sleep. Again, this is because your body temperature rises, enabling better absorption.


Choosing the right natural anti-aging treatments

Scientists continue to research and develop new natural anti-aging products in the quest to satisfy the need look younger and live longer. Thread Lift is one of the more interesting new natural anti-aging treatments available on the market today. Giving you many of the same advantages of a full face-lift requires no incisions. By placing small threads under the skin, they pull them to stretch the skin, and when the skin becomes loose again, the threads can be tightened further. More strings can be added at a later stage.

Another excellent natural anti-aging treatment is removing fat from areas on the body and injecting it into sagging facial skin that needs to be revitalized. Fat transfer is a natural anti-aging product that delivers excellent results, especially since it is taken from patients. A more youthful appearance can be gained from a dental lift, which also strengthens facial muscles.

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Botox is still one of the most popular natural anti-aging products used for treating visible wrinkles on the skin today. However, natural anti-aging treatments are costly, and they work only on your appearance. Exploring other avenues that make you look better and help you feel better are worth pursuing. Many of these will be accomplished independently, and you save so much money. A well-balanced diet, exercise, and fitness plan are essential for good health. Combining this with drinking enough water will result in a younger-looking and feeling body and face.

Follow these skin and beauty tips, and you will be well on your way to avoiding any potential mistakes of your own. You will also find that you have healthier skin in the process.

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