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July 4, 2018
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Why natural is best for skin health

Let’s be honest and let’s be fair, no-one has dropped dead from using a mascara or a popular lipstick, and it seems that most manufacturers are interested in making products that are not harmful. It so happens that over 1,110 ingredients used in personal products have been banned for any type of cosmetic use in the European Union, because there are concerns that they may play a role in causing birth defects, cancer, or reproductive problems. This is compared to only about ten that are banned in the United States. Some of us prefer to practice precaution and would rather buy all natural skin care products and use all natural skin care and be safe until such time as we are sure.

Cosmetic counters make all kinds of promises they cannot deliver. Don’t be fooled by this advertising as not even the fanciest, most expensive or even all natural skin care products will be able to prevent aging. Most eye creams are the exact same formulation as your moisturizer. The trusted and tried simple routine of cleanser, toner and moisturizer for your skin type is all you need. A good sunscreen will help to protect your skin from the elements. There are databases, such as Skin Deep Cosmetics, which rate skin products according to the toxicity of their ingredients. It is always advisable to check these out, especially if you are purchasing products which are labeled as all natural skin care.

here is why anti wrinkle creams do not work

Fragrances often contain ingredients that can cause allergic reactions and many other health problems. Beware of all natural skin care products that contain artificial fragrances and know the hazards of using them, if you intend to stick to all natural skin care. Say no to products that contain fragrances of any kind. Choose fragrance free products. Organic products are very popular or you could learn to make your own skin care products.

Keeping track of all the skin and beauty tips out there can be a difficult task, especially when so many of them really work. But, the four mentioned below are especially important to remember because forgetting these tips can lead women to potentially make some common beauty mistakes.

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Avoid shimmery eye shadow. It is a popular choice among women this year, but as women begin to age, they unfortunately gain those pesky little things called wrinkles. Wrinkles are not a woman’s friend, especially when wearing shimmery eye shadow because the shimmer draws particular attention to the wrinkles. According to Abdo, using a base color that goes over the entire lid reduces the look of redness. It is also recommended that a colored eye shadow be used in the crease of the lids. This gives the illusion of depth and makes eyes appear to be more awake. Use natural skin care products whenever possible.

Avoid shimmery eye shadow when you have wrinkles

Don’t forget the topcoat. If topcoat is not used after painting your nails you may find yourself painting and repainting your nails as the color chips off. Instead of repainting the color on a daily basis, try applying a daily layer of topcoat to the color. It keeps the nail color from chipping and avoids the look of obvious layering after repainting chipped areas.

Only wash your face once daily

Do not over wash the face. It is only necessary to wash your face once a day, preferably at night while washing makeup off. Washing your face more often than this can take much needed moisture away from the skin. Again, when you do wash, use only natural skin care products to do so.

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It is important to know your skin type for the best skin care routine. Most products are designed and geared towards specific skin types. Throw away any products that are not for your skin type. Most local drugstores have beauty technicians available who can give you skin beauty tips and analyze your skin type. Once you know your skin type, you can buy the correct products that will benefit your skin. Have a basic skincare routine that you follow daily. Keep it simple and stick to it.

Why should you use organic or natural skin care products? You would never think of putting a harmful chemical into your body so why should you intentionally apply chemicals all over your body? When purchasing lotions or makeup always be sure to read the labels for phthalate and paraben. These are two ingredients to avoid. You can also find out more information about your favorite beauty products by looking at the Environmental Working Group database.

What you should avoid doing and why

Taking care of the skin is of the utmost importance for those that want to look younger. And there are some bad habits that need to be broken in order to take better care of your skin. Have no fear, though, some of the bad habits are listed below. Take a look at this list of what not to do for some healthy skin beauty tips.

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Forgetting to use broad spectrum sunscreen is a bad idea. Besides the often harped upon dangers of cancer that arise from not using sunscreen, your skin is also vulnerable to becoming wrinkled, becoming saggy, gaining dark spots, and generally looking older than your age if sunscreen is not used daily.

why you should use a broad spectrum sunscreen

Smoking is among the worst bad habits as far as your skin is concerned. Yes, we all know that it ruins your lungs and causes cancer, but it also causes skin damage. People that smoke are usually not among those that look younger than their actual age because smoking actually makes a person look on average ten years older instead. The longer you smoke the more deep wrinkles and aged skin you will develop.

Not taking care of your chest and neck area when you take care of your face is also a potentially costly mistake. We normally think of applying things like sunscreen or exfoliating creams to the exposed areas of our faces. However, the neck and chest area is often exposed as well and needs just as much attention in order to avoid premature aging of the skin.

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As far as clear skin goes, forgetting to clean your makeup brushes on a regular basis is a terrible habit. Several experts will tell you this as well when they offer skin beauty tips. Yes, cleaning the brushes helps keep the colors true, but it also helps keep the skin clear too. Unclean brushes can cause clogged pores and may contain bacteria that will cause breakouts or even more serious infections.

why you should clean makeup brushes

Keeping clear skin is also accomplished by washing your face every night before going to bed. Otherwise, the dirt, oil, and makeup acquired throughout the day tend to be absorbed into the skin as you sleep. This is because your body temperature rises, enabling better absorption.

Choosing the right natural anti-aging treatments

Scientists continue to research and develop new natural anti-aging products in the quest to satisfy the need look younger and live longer. Thread Lift is one of the more interesting new natural anti-aging treatments available, on the market today. Giving you many of the same advantages of a full face-lift, it requires no incisions. By placing small threads under the skin they pull them to stretch the skin and when the skin becomes loose again, the threads can be be tightened further. More strings can be added at a later stage.

Another great natural anti-aging treatment is the removal of fat from areas on the body and injecting it into sagging facial skin that needs to be revitalized. Fat transfer is one of the natural anti-aging products that deliver great results, especially since it is taken from the patients themselves. A more youthful appearance can be gained from a dental lift, which also assists in strengthening facial muscles.

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Botox is still one of the most popular natural anti-aging products used for treating visible wrinkles on the skin today. Natural anti-aging treatments are costly and they work only on your appearance. Exploring other avenues which not only make you look better but also help you to feel better, are worth pursuing. Many of these will be accomplished on your own and you do save much money. A well balanced diet, exercise and fitness plan are essential for good health. Combining this with drinking enough water will result in a younger looking and feeling body and face.

Simply follow these skin and beauty tips and you will be well on your way to avoiding any potential mistakes of your own. You will also find that you have healthier skin in the process.

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