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June 12, 2016
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Best workout for beginners – Start your journey today

So here we have the best workout for beginners weight loss exercises that can be printed out and easily used as a reference through your weight loss journey. It’s the best workout for beginners but if you are intermediate or more advanced this can help you as well. Just repeat it more often and increase the reps!

best workout for beginners

These are easy and should give you a great starting exercise plan


  • Jumping Jacks  They are a great addition to the best workout for beginners printable plan. You can easily burn 100 up to 200 calories for a set consisting of 100 jumping jacks. The intensity will really make the difference. The higher the intensity the more calories burned, so ramp it up for a more effective workout.


  • Wall Squat  Another great example of a easy weight loss exercise that is geared to the beginner. There is much debate as to exactly how many calories you could burn, but, the main consensus is about 5 to 10 calories for each minute of wall squats. You could add weights, and burn even more calories.


  • Side Plank Great way to build core strength while also burning calories. For a 200 pound person, just one minute of side planks can burn around 15 calories. If you would like an added challenge try lifting your other leg for an added challenge.


  • Pushups Are you worried about getting fat arms? Well this is one of the best exercises to burn arm fat and strengthen the upper body. It may be difficult at first, until you are able to build up your strength, so, I recommend doing “knee push ups” or, even easier doing wall push ups. They are a great way for the beginner to build up enough strength to be able to do your classic pushup. You can expect to burn somewhere around 30 calories depending on your weight.


  • Alternate Heel Touches Another excellent  example of a beginner weight loss exercise that can target abs or belly fat and obliques. As mentioned before this exercise is great for targeting muffin top and you can expect to burn around 10 calories per minute.

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  • Donkey Kicks So this exercise will target your hips as well as your glutes. Goodbye thunder thighs and hello to a new fit and in shape you. Expect 10 calories per minute with this exercise.


  • Flutter Kicks If you wanted an exercise that can target butt fat then here it is. This beginner weight loss exercise is great because it can also help target belly fat as well through working the abs. You could burn 7-12 calories per minute, depending on weight and intensity.


  • Hip Raise Bridge So the main point of this exercise is to strengthen the core and hips. Remember to keep your glutes tight for the best results. Keep your shoulders flat and slowly raise your pelvis, keep extended for only a second, then repeat. 12-15 calories per minute of exercise.


  • Windshield Wipers The trick to this one is to have your back flat on the ground and slowly raise your legs, then move them side to side. If you suffer any back pain while performing this exercise, try it with bent knees, as this is how I had to do it at first. This is a great exercise to target obliques.


  • Superman This beginner exercise for weight loss, is super simple and can help you target back fat. Because this exercise is so easy, you can’t expect to burn many calories. We would expect 7-10 calories per minute and this of course depends on your weight and intensity.


  • Fire Hydrants These exercises will help you burn fat from your hips as well as your core. They are a great addition to the beginner exercises for weight loss because they are easy, and can be done in the comfort of your home. For the best results be sure when raising each leg, that it becomes level with your hip. Keep your elbows locked in position and take your time to burn the most calories. This is a great exercise to tone your butt, so get to it. You can expect to burn around 11 calories per minute with this exercise.


  • High Knees If you want an exercise that targets the calves, quads, abs, glutes, arms and back, then, high knees are the exercise for you. Not only is this an excellent beginner exercise, it is also a great full body workout. Expect to burn about 10-15 calories per minute with this one.

So, that is all for our beginner weight loss exercises, but, if you are looking for a super easy diet plan that is specifically made for women, take a look at the TheBetaSwitch.com I highly recommend it!

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