Coping With Anxiety And Stress – Dealing With The Pressure

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How to Cope With Anxiety And Stress

Here is the fact. Anxiety & Stress is not just something which is “all in the mind”. It can seriously damage the body and one’s complete well-being as well. Perhaps you are taking nicely of your body by eating healthy and working out but you are depriving yourself of sleep that is enough then you are not doing all the right things that your body needs and deserves. Stress is the body’s manner to react to situations.

Our body produces stress hormones to help us in the fight or flee reaction. This is actually the body’s means to defend you. The stress hormones keep you attentive and energetic. For those who couldn’t do it after and have heard people competent to carry heavy things at the peak of a disaster —you can bet those were the stress hormones in action. While this really is a great thing, when it remains elevated for an extended time period then it may become dangerous to our body. Here are the best reasons why you have to be calm to detain pressure dead on its tracks.

High Cholesterol

Low-density lipoprotein is bad for the body. It behaves like rust that affects the wellbeing of arteries which may result in adverse medical conditions. The build-up of bad cholesterol, according to specialists is linked to anxiety. It generates two chemicals particularly adrenaline and cortisol from the section of the brain called hypothalamus, when the body is under stress.

The body is also raising the level of cholesterol when the two chemicals are produced. The cortisol produces a lot of sugar to provide the body with more energy and the sugar is converted into fat and cholesterol, when this is left unabated. Anxiety is ordinary in everyday life but when it stays unabated it can cause a great deal of emotional, psychological and physical diseases.

When the body is under strain your blood pressure is elevated. This is manageable if you’re not abusing your body by eating foods teeming with poor cholesterol or eating a lot of food full of sodium. Stress hormones are causing those blood vessels to constrict. This is why the blood pressure spikes. Elevated blood pressure levels can lead to other negative health implications, renal disorder and cardiovascular disease.



The same as the connection of pressure and heart disease, worry and stroke connections are not yet definitely established. Yet a study revealed that stroke victims reported to be living stressful lives before their stroke. They’re trying lives resulted to increased blood pressure and raised cholesterol leading them to suffer from strokes.


Anxiety is driving people to consume more alcohol. There is evidence that low alcohol levels reduce the strain levels in individuals. It’ll impact the liver and other vital organs all for the pursuit of reduced anxiety as the alcohol consumption increases.


It’s widely known that anxiety may result in melancholy. New research have demonstrated how intertwined stress as well as depression are. It looks that the more the brain keeps stress at bay the better chances it can ward off depression. The hippocampus that is an important section of the brain shrinks when stress is present, as researchers made some tests on mice.

This finding has caused a decision that pressure impacts short-term memory along with the ability of individuals to learn. The evaluations give us a better picture what the results are to the brain when it is stressed. States that are related to depression when they can be subjected to prolonged spans of tension were shown by mice.

Heart Disease

Medical research has yet to entirely understand the connection of stress as well as cardiovascular disease. Anxiety, however, is a risk factor which could lead to cardiovascular disease. Some research revealed that when people are stressed they have a tendency to eat some comfort foods which often are unhealthy. Pressure affects your body more than you believe. It’s about time to integrate anxiety alleviation in your well-being system. In the event you think that your anxiety levels are going haywire, seek professional help.


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