5 foods pretending to be healthy when they’re really not good for you

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The top 5 fake health foods

Do you understand how some sneakers are specifically engineered for others, and workouts, it turns out, are appropriate for nothing more than making fashion statements? Well, foods are like that also. Many are dressed up to appear as they’re good for you when in fact, they’re anything but. When you are trying to eat well, it can be bothersome when unhealthful impostors–full of sugar, fat, and sodium–undo your great work. Here’s how to spot and prevent seven of them.


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White Flour

Get rid of: White flour, i.e., wheat flour. Replace with: Spelt flour, rye flour, or pure wholemeal flour. But you don’t have to bake it yourself. If I don’t have time, I ask at the bakery. Most bakeries now offer pure spelt flour in bread, rolls, or 100% rye bread. Just ask!

Get rid of: Pasta Replace with: Zucchini or carrot noodles. Kids love pasta, and of course, I make a good portion for all of us once a week, too – it’s just soul food. However, everyday pasta is not an option for me. It’s just unhealthy in masses and makes you sick. At best, extreme athletes need so many carbohydrates. So I make my pasta sauces and swap the noodles for zucchini noodles (zoodles) or carrot noodles (recipe follows). To do this, use a spiral cutter to shape the vegetables into spaghetti shapes and boil them in salted water for 1 minute or sauté them while hot. Then serve like spaghetti.

low fat doesn't mean healthy

Fat-free foods loaded with fillers


Get rid of so-called light products and replace with: Conventional products
Light cheese usually indicates the absolute fat content. With a 40% Gouda, however, the fat content in the dry matter is meant. So here, too, the declaration confuses. Light products also contain many (even more unhealthy) additives to “Still taste good” to the consumer.

Get rid of Ready-made yogurts. Replace with: Greek yogurt (natural)
Ready-made yogurts often hide whole mountains of sugar (I say only: fruit dwarfs) or even glucose, especially in the yogurts with flavor or fruit. So instead, make your yogurt. So buy natural yogurt or Greek yogurt and refine with raspberries and a few nuts if needed. Very tasty!

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Refined Sugars

Get rid of: White sugar, honey, cane sugar. Replace with: Birch sugar coconut blossom sugar.
It’s challenging to do without sugar altogether! Even sausage contains sugar nowadays. But when we prepare things ourselves that we need to sweeten, we can often replace white sugar with alternatives. All of them are not healthy that much in advance. Whether molasses, agave syrup, maple syrup, birch, or coconut blossom sugar. Sugar remains sugar. I recently worked with coconut blossom sugar, which also sweetened quite wonderfully, but a nutritionist friend recommended birch sugar. However, it is effective and healthy to leave the sugar and conjure up a sweet note with cinnamon or real vanilla bean.

Get rid of: Juices. Replace with: fruit water
First things first – you can buy good juices these days, too. Look for the stamp “direct juice.” Excellent and healthy juices are more expensive, such as those from major manufactures. But you can drink them very well, totally diluted; there are still many flavors. Attention with all other juices: Most are made from fruit juice concentrate. If the kids like juice, you can also make them fruit water. To do this, pour water into a carafe and add a few blueberries, raspberries, or lime (peeled). Done!


Get rid of: Bananas. Replace with: Raspberries
There’s a book called “Cancer Cells Don’t Like Raspberries.” Unfortunately, raspberries are only in season in this country from May to August, but they are considered to be true all-rounders and the ones that can beat cancer cells. Bananas contain many vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, A, iron, potassium, and magnesium in moderation. However, they also have a very high carbohydrate content and a lot of fructose. On average, a banana contains 12 g of fructose.

Get rid of: Margarine. Replace with: Butter or cream cheese.
Margarine is artificial, unhealthy, and makes you sick. Unfortunately, you can never see this on the packaging, where there is talk of goods, vegetable oil, etc. But what is not written on it: For margarine to become spreadable, the liquid oil must logically be processed. If this is done chemically, harmful trans-fatty acids are produced. And butter is not as bad as its reputation, but cream cheese is even better because of its high protein content.

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Get rid of: Lettuce. Replace with: Broccoli
Both lettuce and broccoli are healthy. But lettuce is only beneficial if you buy it from a local farmer during the outdoor season and not from a greenhouse. Because then it often contains nitrate, from which carcinogenic nitrosamine can form. Broccoli is in season from June to October to be ordered fresh. By the way, it is even considered a cancer inhibitor in reference books, comes as a soup, baked in the oven, or as a gratin on the table.

Get rid of: Meat. Replace with: Wild salmon
Meat is not bad on principle, that much in advance! But first, it does not have to be on the plate every day, and secondly, we should look closely at where it comes from and: What the animal we are eating has eaten itself. Now salmon is a great option, especially regarding the unsaturated fatty acids. But even there, you have to look to find a good product that doesn’t come from an antibiotic-infested farm. Greenpeace publishes the Fish Guide every year, which you can order here. It is a good help for shopping. Alternatively, wild salmon is often better than conventional salmon because it swims in the ocean and thus feeds naturally.

Mediterranean Potato Salad recipe

Cooking healthy recipes hasn’t ever been this easy.

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There are a few nasty rumors about nutrition that aren’t true.

1. fat makes fat? Not true! Fat is a flavor carrier and satisfied and especially important for diets. It depends on the right fats, for example, healthy oils, fish oils (like salmon), nuts, avocados. In short: plenty of omega 3 is the keyword here. If you go “low carb” and then cut back on fat, you’ll be hungry all the time.

2. too many eggs are unhealthy? Also wrong, this has long been disproved. On the contrary! Eggs are full of essential nutrients. They were outlawed for a long time because of their high cholesterol content. Cholesterol is produced in the body itself and is vital. If more cholesterol is consumed with food, the body’s production is regulated down.

3. light products make slim? A huge NO. The fat saved here is again wreaking havoc by sugar and each quantity of additives. After something, it must taste yes still, and the taste carrier fat is missing yes now. Very unhealthy thing! In addition, light products are expensive, and the psychological factor, according to the motto: “It is light, I can eat more of it!

4. whole grain is healthy: too much grain is not as healthy as you think, whether it is whole grain or not. Today’s wheat is not what our grandparents may have eaten but is industrially produced and farmed. Unfortunately, the consumer is fooled into thinking it is “healthy,” Light grains are often dyed dark. There, one must read exactly or ask which grain is in it.

5. Milk is healthy: Milk has many beneficial ingredients and a lot of calcium. Nevertheless, milk consumption is not only healthy, as we have been taught since childhood. You should enjoy milk in moderation; cows today are no longer fed only on grass but also genetically modified cereals. Of course, this also transfers to the milk that we drink. There are a few more reasons, but that would take us too far here. More and more people have an intolerance to milk and dairy products for various reasons. Some do not even know it and wonder about indisposition, stomach rumbling, etc., when they consume dairy products.

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