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Live longer. Have more sex more often

One thing is for sure sex is awesome, but if you are not having it often you can run the risk of dying sooner. That is of course if you aren’t getting the exercise in some other way. This is because sex is a great workout that can help you not only with an intense workout, but also endurance depending on the intensity.

  1. Lack of exercise – a sedentary lifestyle where you are not getting the results of having sex each and every day, or another exercise, can have adverse effects of your health and may cause you to die sooner. Abdominal fat buildup can lead to other negative health consequences like type 2 diabetes and other diseases that have been proven, if not taken care of, to lessen quality and longevity of life.
  2. Lack Social connections- When you are having sex daily, you are either maintaining a relationship or trying to establish one. Either way you are forming or nurturing a social relationship which can lead to a longer life, or shorter life without them.
  3. Depression- this terrible affliction can be the result of not having relationships or not having interest in building those sexual relationships. Sometimes depression is a lack of any interest at all. Keep things exciting, start looking for sex, making the connections and enjoying this short amount of time that we are here, you will live longer too.
  4. Isolation- Isolating oneself away from potential sexual partners has been attributed to a shorter less happy life. Being in a sexual relationship or seeking sexual relationships has been attributed with a happier, more fulfilled and longer life.

So go ahead, turn the lights down low, get in the mood with some sensual music and get down tonight. Of course, this requires a willing participant for best health benefits…  So remember to always practice safe sex and you will live a much longer more fulfilled life.

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