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Live longer. Have more sex more often

For sure, sex is incredible, but if you do not have it often, you can run the risk of dying sooner. That is, of course, if you aren’t getting the exercise in some other way. This is because sex is a great workout that can help you with an intense workout and endurance, depending on the intensity.

Reason 1 why sex is healthy: Reduces risk of a heart attack.
You hear horror stories of sudden cardiac death during sex now and then. As long as your heart is healthy, strengthen it with sex. That’s because it releases nitric oxide, among other things, which not only makes erections possible but also prevents cardiovascular disease.

Reason 2 why sex is healthy: Risk of prostate cancer decreases
Studies in both the U.S. and Australia have shown that sex prevents prostate cancer. According to these studies, the risk of the disease decreases when a man ejaculates regularly. Those who have orgasms more than five times a week reduce their risk by 30%. However, whether the ejaculation occurs through masturbation or sex does not matter.

Reason 3 why sex is healthy: Helps against migraines
Because of headaches, you should not give up sex. It does not harm but even helps. A German study has clearly shown that sexual intercourse can relieve pain. Especially for migraine sufferers, sex proved to be a good “medicine”: the symptoms decreased in about 60% of the participants.

Reason 4 why sex is healthy: Reduces risk of stroke
The myth about sudden strokes during sex – like heart attacks – can be dismissed in healthy people. Again, sex keeps you fit, and the risk of a stroke decreases with regular sex.

Reason 5 why sex is healthy: Sex makes you happy
From a purely medical point of view, sex makes us happy. This is due to the happiness hormone endorphin released during sexual intercourse. So, at least in the short term, an increase in mood is almost guaranteed.

Reason 6 why sex is healthy: Burns calories
Sexual intercourse helps you lose weight – after all, pretty much every muscle in the human body is in motion during it. Moreover, the more complicated and strenuous the position, the more calories we burn – in complex Kamasutra art, it is said to be up to 70 calories per minute.

Reason 7 why sex is healthy: Makes you beautiful
Sex makes you more beautiful in many ways. For example, the heart pumps blood through the body at full speed during the act, bringing essential nutrients to the right place. Consequently, not only skin and hair roots are better supplied with blood.

Reason 8 why sex is healthy: Better sleep
Many people become exhausted immediately after sex and enjoy excellent, restful sleep afterward. In addition to physical exhaustion, the reason for this is the oxytocin that is released. Also known as the cuddle hormone, this substance – which according to one study, acts like alcohol – creates trust and makes you tired.

Reason 9 why sex is healthy: Strengthened immune system
Close physical contact during sex brings us into contact with many foreign germs. This process strengthens our immune system. Should you have sex 2 to 3 times a week, the concentration of antibodies in the saliva is also increased.

Reason 10 why sex is healthy: Strengthens the back
Sex is – largely independent of the position – so to speak, the ideal spinal gymnastics. After all, the muscles in the pelvic floor area are loosened by the typical movements. Naturally, this makes your spine both more stable and more flexible.

So go ahead, turn the lights down low, get in the mood with some sensual music and get down tonight. Of course, this requires a willing participant for the best health benefits, So remember always to practice safe sex, and you will live a much longer, more fulfilled life.

Sex as a sporting activity? Yes, it works. How many calories are burned during lovemaking depends, of course, on the position, duration, and intensity? On average: 30 minutes of sex, including the climax, can burn up to 100 calories for men and 70 for women.

In addition, regular sex allows the body to control the stress hormone cortisol better. This adds another plus to weight control: too much cortisol stimulates the appetite for foods high in fat and sugar.

III. sex reduces stress

A study from the University of Paisley in Scotland found that having sex with a partner protects against stress. This is also due to the endorphins and oxytocin released during sex. Like dopamine, these hormones are responsible for our well-being and are the best remedy against nervousness and depression. To remove them, you don’t necessarily have to climax. But: During orgasm, the hormone surge is more intense.

Regular sex with your partner ensures a healthier sleep. Especially after orgasm, the body relaxes. Unfortunately, as a result, many of us automatically drift off into the land of dreams afterward. This is due to the hormone prolactin, which is released during climax.

V. Sex is good for the heart and circulation
Our blood pressure also benefits from regular sexual intercourse: according to study results from Paisley University, sex lowers diastolic blood pressure in particular. And researchers at the New England Research Institute have found out after long-term studies with 1165 men aged about 50 years: They are 45 percent less likely to suffer from heart disease if they have sex regularly.

The endorphins released during lovemaking make people happy and relieve pain. The reason: the hormones are similar in structure to morphine. Mild discomfort and even migraines can thus be alleviated by sex.

Sex with a partner has a markedly positive effect on the immune system. Scientists at Wilkes-Barre University in Pennsylvania found that people who took one or two turns under the covers each week had 30 percent more immunoglobulin in their saliva than others. Immunoglobulins are proteins that play an essential role in the body’s defense against foreign substances such as pathogens.

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