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The 3 most powerful superfoods

Have a look at some of these 3 great examples of powerfully known superfoods. They are for the most part able to boost the metabolism and kick start the ideal bodily condition that can not only induce fat burning but help with disease fighting anti-inflammatory conditions.

One thing is for sure, these  superfoods are a great addition to any basic exercise plan and can help you blast away fat while an added benefit of keeping you feeling fuller for longer.

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Superfoods share a common theme, for one they are both powerful and natural, in another case they can lower bad LDL cholesterol that is known to raise inflammation and lead to dangerous diseases while they are often high in HDL the good form of cholesterol.

Superfoods can even help the body fight against digestive issues, inflammation, cancer, help your digestion and are heart healthy.

Honey – Powerful heart healthy superfood

There are many benefits of using honey for weight loss. It’s literally chocked full of nutrients, minerals and amino acids that can aid weight loss though helping to boost metabolism. Not only does it taste great, it’s also all natural and our bodies can process it easily.

honey is a great all natural substitute for sugar. This difference is mostly seen in the empty calories which are present in refined sugar. Honey is a high quality source of antioxidants and not only that but a variety of antioxidants which make honey especially powerful.

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Experts have concluded that honey can in some cases reduce blood pressure a small but measured amount. Heart health could be improved by substituting honey for the empty calorie version on regular sugar. This is because sugar is known to raise the bad version of cholesterol LDL and honey instead raises up the good HDL version.

Honey is shown to lower blood triglycerides and this helps to prevent the onset of diseases like diabetes by decreasing insulin resistance and heart disease in cases where it is used instead of sugar.

organic natural honey superfood for losing weight

Lemon – Powerfully detoxifying superfood

Lemon is another inflammation fighting superfood that can help you lose weight and will also aid in detoxifying your body. Lemon contains lots of nutrients and vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B6, folate, calcium, potassium, zinc and many more.

Lemon can help protect against cancer, prevent the onset of diabetes, lower blood pressure and even aid in digestion. This is all thanks to its high composition of antioxidants including flavonoids.

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The potassium content is what makes lemon powerful for heart health due to its ability to lower blood pressure and even can help reduce stress. Just infusing warm water with lemon juice can make a great tasting drink that will boost the metabolism leading to sustained weight loss.

The key here is to replace your usual coffee or pop with lemon water instead. This will help you have a calorie deficit and to lose weight faster. Alternatively on a warm day, lemon honey infused cold water can be refreshingly healthy way to enjoy quenching your thirst!

lemons amazingly powerful superfood for weight loss

Cinnamon – Regulate blood sugar

Cinnamon is yet another great example of a superfood that is literally chocked full of antioxidants that can do many beneficial things for you body’s health.

Cinnamon promotes an anti-inflammatory condition within the body that can help to protect heart health, fight the onset of diabetes, lower the risk factor for some cancers and can fight age related cognitive degeneration.

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Cinnamon works to help create a condition in the body where fast weight loss becomes possible. It helps to regulate the blood sugar and can even actually mimic the role of insulin within the body.

This helps the body not store sugar as fat, in turn resulting in the right metabolic conditions for weight loss. Cinnamon is well known as a superfood exactly for these reasons.

heart healthy cinnamon for superfoods for weight loss

Try to combine some of these superfoods together and at any rate try to get more of these superfoods in your diet. With all the benefits of these foods you can not only fight diseases, you can promote the right conditions your body needs for weight loss, it’s a win win scenario.

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