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10 minute plan for beautiful bikini abs

Want bikini abs in time for summer? Well, now you can get bikini abs with this simple workout in just 10 minutes each day. With the guide below, you can get the beach body of your dreams in your free time. Of course, core exercises are crucial, but in reality, anything you do to practice is good in the long term to reach your dreams. Gook luck in your journey!

Practical exercises for your abdominal training
Numerous abdominal exercises promise a flat and defined abdomen. After all, abs are one of the most popular muscle groups in training. But this much in advance: the best exercise for your abs will do you no good if you do not also adjust your diet! You can train your muscles and still see nothing!

Here your body fat percentage plays a decisive role. This must be in the low range for a visible six-pack. Combine your abdominal muscle training with our nutrition plan to be optimally prepared.

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Our tip: In our muscle building guide, you will find holistic training for effective muscle building, including detailed exercise descriptions and pictures. Also included are a nutrition plan and valuable expert tips for your muscle building.

How often should you train the abdominals? How often you do an abdominal workout depends on your individual training goal. In principle, you can train your abdomen every other day. Your repetitions are between 10 to 20 per exercise in the best case. To train your abdomen well, you should constantly challenge the muscles. If you manage more than 30 repetitions, the training has probably become too easy for you. In this case, grab an extra weight like small dumbbells, weight plates, books, or water bottles. Or you can choose a new abdominal exercise.

Haven’t done an ab workout in far too long? Don’t worry! You’re probably exercising your abdomen much more often than you think! Many exercises automatically train your core as well. For example, tight abdominal muscles are essential for stabilization when doing squats. This means that your abdomen will not only become firmer through isolation exercises. Sometimes a balanced full-body workout is enough to strengthen your core.

For example, if you do endurance training, go jogging regularly, a stable core is fundamental. A firm core musculature prevents you from falling into a hollow back while running. That’s why every running workout should include a little exercise for your abdomen.

Anatomy check: abdominal muscles. Even in everyday life, your abdominal muscles are used almost always. To understand this, let’s take a closer look at your body’s anatomy:

Your abdominal muscles are paired with skeletal muscles. They connect your rib cage and pelvic cavity. Thus, they enclose your entire abdominal and pelvic cavity. This is where the name “abdominal muscles” comes from.

Whenever you rotate or tilt your upper body, your abdominal muscles work. So if you didn’t have them, you wouldn’t be able to stand up straight, pick something up off the floor, turn around or put your shoes on.

Abdominal muscles and six-pack – the same? Compared to your arm muscles, your abdominal muscles originate from the skeleton. That’s why they are considered skeletal muscles. However, most people refer to their abdominal muscles simply as a six-pack. However, this is not entirely correct. Because with the Sixpack, one usually means only the straight and transverse abdominal muscles. However, your entire core musculature consists of three different muscle groups:

Front abdominal wall muscles
Lateral abdominal wall muscles
Rear abdominal wall muscles
It surrounds your entire midsection and gives you stability. However, it is essential to train the abdominal muscles and the core muscles. Even a few simple exercises are enough to stabilize your core. This is important even if you don’t want to have a six-pack. This is the only way to prevent a hollow back.

10 minute bikini abs flat belly workout guide

The great thing about these exercises is that they can be done within the comfort of your own home and take just 10 minutes to complete! So what exactly are you waiting for, print this out and post it on your wall to remind you that you’re dream body is just ten minutes a day away.

  • Start with a side plank do both sides at 10 seconds each
  • Do a sitting crunch this may be difficult at first but try for 20 seconds
  • Downward dog/ leg split again may be challenging at first, but who doesn’t like a challenge, hey? Aim for 10 seconds and that’s for each side!
  • Side crunch 15 seconds each side and you should be feeling it by now, so have a short rest, then repeat all four steps so far, a second time.
  • Now we are on to the second stage. Do as many crunch chops as you can in 20 seconds.
  • On the the mountain climber alternate your leg each time and do as many as you are able in 25 seconds. Take a rest, you deserve it!
  • Now we move onto the side plank/ toe reach aim to spend 10-15 seconds on each side (for a better burn try for 20-30 seconds each side)
  • Finally the scissors exercise for about 10 seconds for each side. Now repeat the second stage again.

Great Job! Keep in mind that it will get easier as you keep repeating this, and you can continue to challenge yourself by upping the time on each exercise.

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I had the most challenging time with the side plank, but after just a week of doing it, I built up my muscles and now double it! See our other post to find out how you can maximize your results with high-intensity interval training.

For best results and to stay safe, I would recommend a good stretch before undertaking these exercises, and I would also recommend some light cardio before or after you start. If you are really serious about bikini abs, check out more from Bikini Body Workouts here

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The beachbody core challenge – Get beautiful abs for bikini season
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